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5/01/2010 01:45:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Amy's ChoiceThe Daily Telegraph reports a renewed surge in popularity of bow ties thanks to Doctor Who. A spokesman for Topman says sales have shot up by 94% since The Eleventh Hour was aired. The Guild of Tiemakers chairman, John Miln, said he was pleased the unusual trend had been kicked off by the show.

Critic Charlie Brooker has continued his criticism of 'Nortongate', with a rant against the schedulers for the intrusion of the cartoon Graham Norton over last week's cliffhanger. He talked about the incident on his Channel 4 programme You Have Been Watching, calling it a travesty. The programme can be seen on 4oD.

Journalist Penny Andrews has written a long blog on the launch of Doctor Who - The Adventure Games in Sheffield last week, while TalkTalk spends five minutes in the company of Alex Kingston and TV.com asks what makes Doctor Who special.