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3/05/2010 11:08:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

This week saw filming taking place for the seventh and last block of the new series, for episodes 7 and 11. The beginning of the week saw the crew out in a village near St. Athan, whilst the latter half has been spent back on the streets and parks of Cardiff.

Filming on the 1st saw the TARDIS parked up outside a house; scenes witnessed included a number of elderly people seen to carry items into the house, and the Doctor attempting to access it through a window. Amy was said to be held inside.

Filming over the course of these two days have involved the Doctor staying at a house as a lodger with characters played by guest stars James Corden and Daisy Haggard.

Thursday concentrated on scenes at their house (filmed on Westville Road, Cardiff), with scenes of running from the house, some football antics between Matt Smith and James Corden during the day, and in the evening with the Doctor examining 'junk' (believed to be components for the 'alternative' TARDIS console as designed from the Blue Peter competition).

Friday, on the other hand, involved the Doctor engaged in a game of football at Victoria Park in Cardiff; Paul Mount and Ryan Farrell report:
Paul: Matt Smith and James Corden, in football rig, are, with a full team, playing football. The Doctor's clearly very good at this and he scores a spectacular goal. The rest of the team go nuts. The 'crowd' (ie about six onlookers!) chant "Doc-tor! Doc-tor!" as he scores. the triumphant Doctor runs around, shouting, alternately "I love this game!" or "What a game!"

Ryan: The Doctor's team won! They all pick him up and he says "please, you're too kind. I feel like the emperor!". They've moved and now Matt has his tweed coat over his kit. Greenscreen being set up. Confidential are here too. Matt was having a right laugh! He went right up to the camera and said something like "Matt Smith. The Doctor. Defender". He seems to be getting on with James Corden off camera. By the way, Matt knows what he's doing because he originally aspired to be a professional footballer before he had an accident. He played for Leicester under 21s I think. I'd say this scene was written with Matt in mind.

Later, a scene was filmed of the Doctor exiting the TARDIS (believed to take place at the start of the adventure).