Bookmark and Share Autism project calls for Doctor Who fans

3/26/2011 09:22:00 pm - Reported by Josiah Rowe

Researcher Michaela Schubert is working on a book about Doctor Who and the autism spectrum, and is calling for Doctor Who fans to answer a few questions about their experiences with the show. Says Schubert,
The idea is to get as many people, especially those on the spectrum themselves, to respond and share their Doctor Who viewing experiences as possible, so that the book can reflect as many different viewpoints as possible. Because the show's audience and the autism spectrum are both so varied, the most important thing this project can do is to let everyone have their own say.
Schubert emphasizes that contributions are welcome from all, regardless of how much Doctor Who you've seen or whether you have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition.

Schubert is a PhD candidate at Penn State College of Medicine, and describes herself as "a Doctor Who fan and an Aspie". Information on the book project and links to a brief questionnaire can be found here; the questionnaire can also be found online in PDF or DOCX formats.