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12/30/2009 12:44:00 am - Reported by Marcus

A new clip from The End of Time - Part Two has been made available today. An audio version of the clip was played on Who on Who on BBC Radio 2 and the full version was seen later on Alan Carr Chatty Man.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate have sparked off a debate on how to pronounce 2010. The topic was one of those discussed in last Saturday's Radio 2 show hosted by the pair when Tennant claimed that the BBC compliance rules insisted on twenty-ten while guest Bernard Cribbins said older people would prefer two thousand and ten. Although the BBC later denied there was any rule, the discussion has been picked up by many papers including The Telegraph in the UK and several papers around the world.

Meanwhile The Daily Mail, always quick to find a story to knock the BBC, has claimed that Tennant has taken over the BBC this Christmas. The paper claims the actor will have made over 75 appearances on the BBC over the holiday period and accuses the BBC of freezing out young acting talent by giving audiences an overdose of Tennant. Conservative MP Nigel Evans has been quoted by the paper as saying : "Sadly the BBC seem to have got themselves stuck in the rut of chasing ratings and going populist". he added "Their public service remit was always about bringing on fresh talent", perhaps forgetting that relative newcomer and 'fresh talent' Matt Smith takes over the role of The Doctor shortly.

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