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12/07/2009 02:16:00 pm - Reported by Josiah Rowe

The BBC's Doctor Who Advent Calendar isn't the only spot on the web with a daily Doctor Who treat this month. SFX is making a daily countdown to The End of Time on its blog. Highlights so far have included an interview with Russell T Davies, split into three parts here, here and here, as well as pieces on "27 Things SFX Loves About New Who", "How New Doctor Who Has Changed Everything" and "The Greater Spotted David Tennant"; the last includes a summary of all the places David Tennant will be appearing on UK TV and radio this month, as well as some that he probably won't but could. Meanwhile, the BBC's Director of Vision Jana Bennett, the woman in overall charge of the BBC's television services, has written a blog entry praising Doctor Who's place at the heart of the corporation's Christmas television line-up.

Speaking of Tennant, filming has begun on the pilot for Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, the American TV series starring Tennant as a Chicago lawyer who suffers from panic attacks. The Sun, The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Star have short articles about Tennant's casting in the NBC series and his future in Hollywood.

In other news, Karen Gillan's former drama coach brags about her ex-student in the Daily Record; has a brief item on an appearance by Colin Baker and 117 toy Daleks; and the Wigan Evening Post has an item on a Doctor Who fan who's built a replica TARDIS to raise funds for a local cancer centre.

Finally, in response to a fan's query on Twitter, Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Brent Spiner expressed interest in playing a villain on Doctor Who.

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