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10/22/2009 04:25:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

October has seen the Doctor Who production crew busy, with a number of appearances in public places. Open the spoiler sections for more details on what has been occuring!

Filming for episode one got under way publicly at Cathedral Green in Llandaff, which was transformed into a picturesque English village called Leadworth. Scenes involved the Doctor and Amy on the village green, with the Doctor wearing the clothes of his tenth incarnation and seeming very wobbly on his feet! Later scenes recorded indicated an alien presence in the sky, and the apparent destruction of the sonic screwdriver.

5th October: Alun Vega: The scene involved the Doctor and Amy hurrying up a lane, and running across to the icecream van. Then the Doctor ran off, jumped over the flowerbed at the side of the White House, and ran inside. Amy ran after him, but took the more conventional route through the front gate. As they came up the lane, the Doctor shouted something about a "cricket bat" and another fan thought she heard Amy say something about "12 years of therapy". Someone else reckoned they thought the Doctor said he was having food cravings - which I guess might be post-regeneration trauma. This is the sort of scene that they cover from multiple angles, which is why it took them the entire 4 hours I was there to film it!

6th October, Fiona Oram: We got on set about half nine in the rain and were suprised to see filming underway. The following scene was shot at various angles. First off Amy was trying to get the Doctor into a car (not police a black rover) His Tie kept getting trapped in the door! Dialogue we could hear was 20 minutes till the world ends and do you know who I am? My friend had been on set a bit longer and had heard also the Doctor say that You (something) are always trying to lock me away! Hence people I find out later have conme to the conclusion that Amy is a police officer. Later on the scene was reshot (after more rain) and same Dialogue however Matt was looking at something behind him before speaking to Amy and she shouts NOOO! And drags him quite literally by the tie to the car. This scene was shot quite a bit due to constant downpours! After lunch they went through the same scene again and seemed to be happy with that. Then the filming moved to the green and we watched Matt and Karen rehearsing running up the green. While we were being moved to the other side of set Matt was practising his scene with a guy in hospital overalls. We also walked past the red phone box which was being set up for special effects. When the shot was ready Matt and Karen were running up towards a white screen and Matt turns around to hospital overalls person and starts talking. Dialogue heard was "Coma" and something about staring at a dog! Then the heavens opened and they attempted to film again but was starting to prove impossible. The fire engine was filmed leaving with the blues flashing and ladder pushed out.

7th October, Haffertee: First scene we saw shot was Matt Karen and the guy in hospital overalls. They seemed to look up at the sky then a dog barks and Matt goes towards the beer garden and starts talking down to something. Hello prisoner x is said. Then we hear Level 20 planet scanning the earth 6 billion people. Then we are told phone box explodes aerials turn fire engine ladder goes up and down. Helicopter flies out of little boys hand. Then Matt said something about not testing all sonics settings. Setting four thousand and do you think they will notice? Then the sonic blew up.

One take of the destruction of the sonic screwdriver slightly hurt Matt Smith, something that caught media attention! The incident was reported in the South Wales Evening Post, Daily Mail, Sky News, and The Sun.

Filming for this week took place at the Old Vicarage in Rhymney, and saw the old TARDIS prop in use(a new version of the police box had been seen in previous filming). Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were again on-site for filming. On one day the police box was on its side, with the doors seen to be opening in the opposite direction to normally seen on screen.
Fiona Oram:The old TARDIS is there Matt and Karen run from it (Well Karen practically drags him) Smoke comes pouring out of the TARDIS. Karen keeps saying come on ! Matt keeps trying to run back to TARDIS to save "her" But Karen keeps trying to pull him back. Couldnt hear a lot. Karen is in Policewoman outfit again and Matt is still in Tens outfit ! Lots of kithen equipment neing taken in new microwave etc. (Not for drinks etc as base only round the corner)

This week sees filming taking place at the ancient St. Gwynno's Church, and had led to the first view of the updated TARDIS interior, albeit as the backdrop to the police box prop out on location.

The filming has also revealed the 'monster' of this episode in the graveyard.