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10/19/2009 12:18:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

This month's DWM features an exclusive behind-the-scenes report on The Sarah Jane Adventures, and talks to the cast and crew of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, which guest stars David Tennant as the Doctor. Elisabeth Sladen says "Some of it's quite sad. I can't read these scripts too often because they absolutely make me cry. If I do that too much, there won't be any emotion left for on set. Gareth Roberts has written something beautiful"

Also in the issue:
  • Previews of the forthcoming animated adventure, Dreamland, and interviews with the cast, including David Tennant, Georgia Moffett and David Warner
  • She's travelled in the TARDIS for nearly ten years with both the Eighth and Sixth Doctors. And she was the first of the Doctor’s companions to fall in love with the Time Lord! Charley Pollard, aka actress India Fisher, talks DWM about her adventures.
  • The Eighth Doctor is famous for snogging Doctor Grace Holloway in the 1996 TV Movie. But what else should we remember him for? Find out as the Watcher presents the latest guide to the Doctor
  • Doctor Who's executive producer Russell T Davies shares reminiscences of being a fan in his youth and discovers that, for some, the memory cheats
  • Neil Harris looks at the stories that made up the bottom 10 places of DWM's Mighty 200 poll and discovers that, despite popular opinion, there's a great deal to enjoy in these adventures
  • DWM talks to Sarah Jane's husband-to-be, played by actor Nigel Havers, just before the wedding, with a few interruptions from David Tennant!
  • The Time Team gather together to watch Survival, the last full adventure for the Seventh Doctor.
  • The Fact of Fiction travels back to the earliest days of Doctor Who and finds the four time travellers trapped aboard the TARDIS and fighting among themselves. Could they be on the edge of destruction as they hurtle beyond the sun? Find out as Inside the Spaceship is put under the microscope
  • The Doctor and Majenta discover that the London Underground holds a terrible secret. A new comic strip begins, Ghosts of the Northern Line, written by Dan McDaid with art by Paul Grist.