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4/07/2009 03:45:00 pm - Reported by Anthony Weight

A 100-foot high picture of a Dalek, made entirely from bed linen laid out on the ground, has appeared on the side of a hill overlooking the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

The Dalek was placed on the hillside to promote a science-fiction charity event themed around Doctor WhoSarah Jane and Torchwood to be held on the 3rd of May. It was created by Denis Rush of the group UT Events. He gained permission from the owner of the field in which the Dalek appeared due to the fact that proceeds from the convention will be going to charity.

Other stunts have been giant projections of Daleks on city buildings and local landmarks and even costumed characters like Ood and Clockwork Droids roaming the streets

The Dalek was made from 500ft worth of bed linen pegged into the mountain slope, it stands aprox 100ft high and took two days to make. Local radio stations who have been receiving alot of calls and have been teasing the listeners with invasion plots and other possible reasons before spilling the beans on the event.

More details on the event and the Dalek can be found on the UT Events website.

BBC News also has a report on the Dalek.