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10/13/2008 04:01:00 am - Reported by Anthony Weight

Various news sources are reporting that during his appearance at the Cheltenham Literary Festival this weekend, Doctor Who executive producer and chief writer Russell T Davies commented that Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, had turned down a cameo appearance in the series, with Davies jokingly calling him a "swine" for having done so.

The BBC News coverage of the story also includes an embedded video of Davies's appearance on the BBC News Channel on Sunday, where he answered questions sent in by viewers.

The report says that Prince Charles did not personally see the request, which was declined on his behalf by his staff. "We receive a great many requests and it's impossible to accept them all," the BBC quotes a spokesman as having said.

The story is also being run by CBCThe Daily ExpressDigital SpyThe SunOK! Magazine and many others.