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7/25/2008 06:14:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

Big Finish Productions has announced some casting news for its upcoming audio adaptation releases of the three Doctor Who stage plays from years past.

Trevor Martin, who played the Doctor in the 1974 stage play "The Seven Keys to Doomsday," will reprise the role for the audio adaptation, whileCharlie Hayes will play companion Jenny; Hayes is the daughter of actress Wendy Padbury, who played Jenny during the play's initial run and also played Zoe Heriot in the late 1960s TV episodes with Patrick Troughton. Colin Baker reprises the role of the Doctor in "The Ultimate Adventure" and is joined by David Banks as Karl, reprising his role from that play; Banks is also familiar to Doctor Who fans as the Cyberleader from 1980s Doctor Who, and also understudied the role of the Doctor in several performances during the play's original run. Finally,"Curse of the Daleks" features actor Michael Praedas the lead character, Ladiver; he is joined by actor John Line, who played Ladiver in the original play's run back in 1965 and here plays Professor Vanderlyn.

The audio adaptations of the stage plays will be released by Big Finish in late September (The Ultimate Adventure), October (The Seven Keys to Doomsday) and November (Curse of the Daleks).

Meanwhile, the company has also announced the scheduling of The Masters of War, the long awaited eighth installment of their "Doctor Who Unbound" audio series by Eddie Robson, for December release. The play features the return of David Warner as the alternate third Doctor, which he created in "Sympathy for the Devil", alongsideNicholas Courtney playing the version of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart that goes traveling with the Doctor at the end of the previous tale. Terry Molloy returns to the role of Davros for the installment.