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12/28/2007 06:54:00 pm - Reported by Jarrod Cooper

December 28, 2007 • Posted By Jarrod Cooper
The Sun has released a story which includes spoilers for the "Doctor-lite" episode of Series Four.

Please click on the Spoiler box for more info

The Sun is reporting that the "Doctor-lite" episode of Series Four is going to be "Doctor-less". According to the article, Rose, Martha and Donna take the TARDIS controls after an accident leaves the Doctor lost in space during an alien invasion.

The article's source adds: “It is a bit of a gamble having Doctor Who without the Doctor – it has never been done before. But everyone is so interested in the different assistants that it should be fantastic.

“Donna, Martha and Rose are all competing for his attention in different ways and all want to be the best.

“But the question will be, can they work together?”