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10/13/2007 01:03:00 pm - Reported by Kenny Davidson

October 13, 2007 • Posted By Kenny Davidson
In an interview with the Daily Record, Christopher Eccleston has spoken briefly of his time on Doctor Who.
He said: "99 percent of the dramas I've made have been for adults, and this was a real opportunity to try something new. I've had experience of making drama for children with Doctor Who. I think it's important if we can provide complexity and grey areas rather than just a funfair ride. That's what appeals to me.

"I think a younger audience is much more exacting than adults actually... they're much fiercer in their attachment once they've taken you to your heart, but they have better detectors than us."

Christopher brought Doctor Who back to the BBC and to millions of fans old and new who were gutted when he quit after one series.

While Scot David Tennant has become an even bigger Doctor there have always been questions about why Christopher took on the role just to quit so quickly.

All he will say is that he "was very proud to play the Doctor."