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7/27/2007 03:08:00 pm - Reported by Jarrod Cooper

July 27, 2007 • Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Newsarama.com has announced that IDW will begin publishing a new title based on the tenth Doctor, with stories written by TV show script editor Gary Russell and art by Nick Roche.

IDW chief Chris Ryall told Newsarama that in addition to the new Tenth Doctor comic book, IDW would be reprinting classic Doctor Who comics drawn by Dave Gibbons, with all-new coloring.

Gary Russell told Newsarama's interviewer:
"Can't get enough Martha. As for Tennant, 'cos he's the current one, simple as that. It's about putting characters from one medium into a totally different, and utilizing the strengths (and weaknesses) the new medium has to offer. So I gain from a bigger budget, more extras and louder bangs, yet the storytelling has to be as concise, clever and charming as the TV show is, but in a wholly different way. I have now just scared myself beyond belief..."

" Old monsters are all very well, but using the big guns like Daleks, Cybermen, the Master - it's a bit gauche. If you're going to use recognizable elements from the show - and I think you should where the story allows it - [it should be] a story that enables you to go "oooh I could put MONSTER X in here, that'd be cool" over to "oooh I need to write a story about MONSTER X" now and again, because people like to spot elements they're familiar with, then they need to be fun. Our first issue does feature something from the current show, and a later issue or two features something from waaaaay back in the series history, but these things should be done sparingly or it's no longer an event, it's the norm. And normal is dull."