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3/24/2007 09:21:00 pm - Reported by DWNP Archive

March 24, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
Today's Daily Telegraph carries an Opinion piece by Sam Leith that delves into the psychology of the revivedDoctor Who.

Leith praises Russell T Davies and the scriptwriters for producing "one of the best and most artful pieces of popular television in years", adding "what has made it so resonant is not the cast of silly monsters, the excellent jokes, the jolly special effects, and so forth - but its underlying deep melancholy".

The article, which is headlined "It's now time to take Doctor Who seriously" and quotes poet Elizabeth BishopT S Eliot and novelist Audrey Niffenegger, calls the programme "an extraordinary study of loss" and says: "Its deep theme is loneliness."

Leith adds: "It's all as sentimental as hell... and quite irresistible."

NB: The piece starts with - and is based on - a spoiler.

(Thanks to Ewan Eaton.)