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3/28/2007 09:01:00 pm - Reported by R Alan Siler

March 28, 2007  •  Posted By R. Alan Siler
Metro, "Britain's first urban national newspaper," is currently featuring an interview with Russell T. Davies in its "60 Seconds" column, in which the Doctor Who Executive Producer gives a few insights into Season Three and his thoughts on fandom and on being a fan himself.

Davies responds to questions such as "What does the 'T' stand for?", "What's your favourite piece of Doctor Who merchandise?", and "Which are better, Cybermen or Daleks?"

Davies' answer: "Daleks any day; that’s why I wrote an episode where the Daleks thrash the Cybermen. The fact they still work now is astonishing. We were tempted to redesign them and drew up all sorts of different Daleks – circular Daleks, flying Daleks, real Star Wars-type Daleks – but they just weren’t Daleks. There’s a reason they’ve lasted 40 years. I’d like to read a university-level essay on why the design of the Daleks has worked so well."

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