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12/29/2006 11:36:00 pm - Reported by DWNP Archive

December 29, 2006  •  Posted By Jack Borrett
Early details have been revealed about series three news in the pages of the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine, specifically the titles of four of the next season's episodes and some additional casting news.

The title for episode four is Daleks in Manhattan. The recent trailer for series three at the end of "The Runaway Bride" confirmed the Daleks would return in the new series; this episode is set in 1930's New York and is written by script editor Helen Raynor. There is currently no information on the title for episode five, the second half.

Episode six is The Lazarus Experiment. The episode features Mark Gatiss as Dr. Lazarus; in the series three trailer, Gatiss was seen both as his own age and in makeup depicting a much older person. "The Lazarus Experiment" is written by Stephen Greenhorn.

The title of the first episode (#8) of Paul Cornell's two-part story hasn't been revealed, but episode nine has: it's The Family of Blood. The two-parter features the previously mentioned Jessica Stevenson as Joan; new cast listings includes Harry Lloyd (as Jeremy Baines), Thomas Sangster (Tim Latimer), Tom Palmer (Hutchinson), Pip Torrens (Rocastle), Rebekah Staten (Jenny), Gerard Horan (Clark), Lauren Wilson (Lucy Cartwright) and Matthew White (Phillips). It has long been rumored that Cornell's two-parter is an adaptation of Human Nature, the novel he penned for Virgin Publishing as part of their "New Adventures" line; the casting information makes this seem almost certain as many of these characters (Joan, Tim, Hutchinson, Rocastle, Lucy) appear in that novel.

Episode ten, by Steven Moffat, is still untitled, but features in its cast Ian Boldsworth and Richard Cant.

Episode eleven, written by Russell T Davies, is entitled Utopia.