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6/20/2006 11:45:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

June 20, 2006 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
BBC Video, BBC Audiobooks and 2 Entertain have announced details of forthcoming Doctor Who DVD and audio releases in late 2006 and early 2007.

In September 2006, BBC Audiobooks will release Doctor Who at the BBC Volume Four: The Plays, a further installment of the audio documentaries released over the past several years. Says the blurb at Amazon.co.uk, "Over the years, Doctor Who has provided the inspiration for a number of original radio plays. Three of them are presented here in their entirety, and each focuses on the effect which Doctor Who has had on the lives of ordinary - and some extraordinary - people. 'Regenerations' by Daragh Carville is a powerful and moving play about a group of six friends who reunite for their annual Doctor Who convention. Set against a backdrop of the Belfast troubles, the play deals with themes of sexuality and love, and features appearances by Tom Baker and Sophie Aldred. 'Blue Veils and Golden Sands' by Martyn Wade tells the story of Delia Derbyshire, the delightful and unusual woman who created the unique sound of the original Doctor Who theme tune. Finally, 'Dalek, I Love You' by Colin Sharpe is a recent BBC7 production. It tells how one young lad's obsession with Doctor Who causes him to meet the girl of his dreams - named Romana..."

October will see the UK DVD release of The Sontaran Experiment, a single-disc release of the two-part Tom Baker serial from 1974. The disc will be an "off month" release which the most recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine quotes 2 Entertain as saying will be more common in 2007 (releases with fewer extras filling gaps in the schedule, creating more releases for the year.)

November features the Patrick Troughton serial The Invasion... with a twist. The eight-part serial is missing two episodes, parts one and four, and the BBC has partnered once again with Cosgrove Hall (animators of "Scream of the Shalka") to recreate the two episodes in animated form, aided by the original soundtrack. Says Sophie Walpole of BBC Interactive Drama and Entertainment, "In the year that the Cyberman have returned to Doctor Who, it seemed a good idea to complete one of their finest outings from the 1960s. We have found a unique and innovative way of presenting this classic adventure by lovingly restoring the soundtrack and setting it to new animation." Cosgrove Hall Lead Animator Steve Maher says he found it "a slightly surreal experience. [Patrick Troughton] has a wonderfully animatable face, so he was a gift. Baddies are invariably more fun to depict than the good guys so the sneering, unblinking Tobias Vaughn was a lot of fun, too." The story on the official Doctor Who website features a video trailer created for the episodes late last year.

Also in November, Amazon.co.uk has listed The Complete Series Two: Limited Edition Cyberman Head Box Set with Unique Lenticular Postcard. The Amazon website has a photograph (which is clearly marked "not final design") of this purported set which will be exclusive to the online retailer. The release joins the standard Complete Series Two DVD set which DWM says will feature a dual-sided lenticular cover: on the front, the TARDIS in flight through the vortex, with another image on back.

For next year, also reported in the new issue of DWM is the January 2007 release of the Return of the Master Boxed Set featuring three classic serials with the late Anthony Ainley (the Master) that form his debut trilogy: The Keeper of Traken starring Tom Baker, Logopolis featuring Baker and introducing Peter Davison, and Castrovalvawith Davison in his first full adventure.

DWM also notes that actress Katy Manning has provided the linking narration for at least part the forthcoming audio release of Monsters on Earth, a Doctor Who CD tin featuring the audio soundtracks of classic Doctor Who serials "The Sea Devils," "The Silurians" and "Warriors of the Deep" as broadcast on BBC television.