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1/18/2006 02:59:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

January 18, 2006 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
Special Events

icWales asks, "Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Time Lord himself in action? Or ever wondered about the secrets of the Tardis? Well, you won't want to miss this. In Fusion Restaurant is hosting a charity auction in aid of children's charity ChildLine Cymru/Wales on Thursday and the star item is the chance to spend a day with the cast and crew on the set of Dr Who. There are more exclusive items up for grabs, including a football signed by the Welsh team, a personal shopping experience, team paint balling, tickets to Castle Combe Race Circuit and much more. Former Olympic athlete Jamie Baulch, ITV's Justina Simpson and Welsh band DV8 will also be at the auction. Tickets cost 18 and include a reception drink, gourmet oriental buffet and a free goody bag. For more information and to book your tickets, contact Catherine Davies on 029 2048 8118."

NewsWales on the weekend said that, in the first eight days of the free Dr Who exhibition at the Red Dragon Centre, Cardiff Bay, more than 30,000 visitors passed through the doors to enjoy the event and that the number is expected to exceed 50,000 people by the weekend. "From today the exhibition will have a host of brand new exhibits never seen before - which have been brought in as part of a major refit. These include the evil Santas and killer Christmas Tree from the Christmas Day special, the Emperor Dalek and the actual costumes worn by Christopher Ecclestone and Billie Piper from the first series. Also on display will be an Auton guard from the first episode “Rose”; props, prosthetics and costumes of Moxx of Balhoon and Cal Sparkplug from episode two; Slitheen and Space Pig from episodes four and five and Trine-e and Zu-zana from episode 12. Doctor Who Up Close celebrates the success of the series which is filmed in Cardiff, with an exclusive look behind-the-scenes. There are explanatory graphics highlighting Doctor Who’s production involvement in and around Cardiff, together with comments from the production crew and location photographs. Clare Hudson, Head of Programmes (English) at BBC Wales, said: 'I'm delighted the Doctor Who Up Close exhibition is proving such a great success. It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to take a look behind the scenes and I hope that many more people get the chance to go along and be part of the Doctor Who experience.'"


Episode 1 of the new series, "Rose," will be broadcast this Friday in Israelon the Yes Weekend Network. The times of airing are 19.13 and 22.56 on Friday, with repeats on Saturday at 14.46, next Wednesday at 21.30 and Thursday at 01.15, according to the online TV guide of the Haaretz newspaper. Yes Weekend is a subscription satellite service and so not everyone in Israel will be able to see it, says our correspondent. Also, BBC Prime is supposed to be showing it at some time in the future, and that is available on both Yes and another satellite service, HOT.

According to an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the long-running PBS series "Masterpiece Theatre," David Tennant's recent production of Casanova written by Russell T Davies will air on the series this season. "Masterpiece Theatre," a public broadcasting mainstay in America for 35 years, is the broadcast venue for many popular BBC productions; besides "Casanova," the series will air the recent production of Charles Dickens' "Bleak House," the final installment of "Prime Suspect" and adaptations of "Jane Eyre" and "Sense and Sensibility".


The BBC press release about Doctor Who Adventures, the new bi-weekly children's magazine due out this year, noes that "the publication will launch to coincide with the second series in the Spring and will enable enthusiasts to further enhance their enjoyment of the world's most famous Time Lord and his journeys. Priced at 1.99, Doctor Who Adventures will be filled with authentic content. It will include original comic strips featuring the tenth Doctor and Rose, interviews, competitions and puzzles plus all the essential information about the Doctor, his companions and his enemies. There will also be behind-the-scenes photographs and information from the series. Toni Round, Publisher of BBC Youth & Children's Magazines commented: 'We are proud to be producing this magazine for such an iconic programme. The abundance of material will enable us to give young fans a literary extension of the programme, providing them with fresh and exciting content. We will immerse the reader in the world of Doctor Who, taking them on a big adventure into time and space. Doctor Who Adventures will be packed with monsters and secrets, full of entertainment, action and humour - the must-have magazine for young fans.' Each magazine will be covermounted with a high quality, collectable gift."

The official website notes that the first three Tenth Doctor novels -- "The Stone Rose" by Jacqueline Rayner, "The Feast of the Drowned" by Stephen Cole and "The Resurrection Casket" by Justin Richards -- will be due out in the US and Canada at the same time as in the UK, in April. It also notes the simultaneous May publication of "I Am A Dalek" by Gareth Roberts and "Aliens and Enemies" by Justin Richards. All of these items are noted on ourReleases Guide.

SciFi Wire is reporting that "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" will be released on March 7th on DVD (single and 2-disc versions) and UMD for the Sony PSP. The movie will also form part of a Harry Potter Special Edition 4-pack. The movie features David Tennant as the villainous Barty Crouch Jr., and in a twist of irony, series two guest star Roger Lloyd Pack (John Lumic in the Cybermen two-parter starting with "Rise of the Cybermen") as his father, Barty Crouch Sr.

Series Two

icWales talks about the production team's rumored return to theMillennium Stadium, where "Dalek" was filmed last year. "Wales could have a surprise substitution to call on the next time they play at the Millennium Stadium...Doctor Who! The Timelord is being lined up to land his Tardis inside Wales' sporting mecca - and use the same changing rooms as our football and rugby teams. The Doctor has battled baddies all over Wales but the threat of new foes comes with every episode. So BBC Wales producers were at the stadium in Cardiff this week, checking it out for future inter-galactic battles. 'There were members of the production team taking pictures and having a look around,' said an onlooker. 'They were hoping to film at the stadium when there was a game on, they decided it was too much hassle and now they're just looking at using it. They wanted the Doctor to be running up and down stairs and filming in the BBC commentary box. They were wandering around the building, and even went into the away changing rooms to take pictures.' ... Tunnels in the venue have been used in previous episodes but this time the Doctor is likely to appear in more recognisable parts, making the stadium the latest in a long line of Welsh landmarks on Swansea scriptwriter Russell T Davies' smash hit revival of the telly favourite. But last night the BBC were remaining typically tightlipped about the Doctor's future exploits. 'We used the stadium in series one when we shot in the tunnels. This week the crew were out looking at locations to use. They aren't saying what part of the stadium they were having a look at or why,' a spokesman said."

The TV biz section of Saturday's The Sun claimed a picture exclusive from Rise of the Cybermen (from the same batch of filming as our recent exclusive photos). Headlined "Cyber binmen", it shows a large colour shot of two of the monsters from behind and approaching two large wheeled waste bins. "They've bin away far too long - but now the Cybermen are back in Doctor Who! Our exclusive picture shows the sinister silver robots (sic) coming face to face with a couple of wheelie bins. In the first episode of the last series, Rose's boyfriend Mickey was EATEN by a dustbin. The new Doctor, played by David Tennant, will hope the evil Cybermen share the same fate. The Rise Of the Cybermen, which goes out in the spring, will see former EastEnder Tracy-Ann Oberman - who played evil Chrissy Watts in the soap - portray another baddie." The Sun article also mentions the oft-repeated rumors that the Daleks will appear in the series, although there's been no word from any official source about that.


Yesterday's Daily Star says that Billie Piper is "the ultimate comeback kid. Just three years ago, beautiful Billie was more likely to be found propping up the bar of her local pub with husband Chris Evans than in a TV studio. But today entertainment bosses are fighting over the gorgeous blonde thanks to her outstanding performance as Dr Who's sexy sidekick Rose. And it seems the ambitious babe's going from strength to strength. After her stunning appearance in a BBC adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and her role in Dr Who, the 23-year-old now has her own TV series. No wonder she can't stop smiling. ... Billie, voted most popular actress at the National Television Awards, has certainly moved on since she her early days which were often rocked by scandal. Aged just 17 she was forced to deny rumours of drug taking after she collapsed in a London bar. Then she and Evans -who she wed at 18 - hit the headlines when he was sacked after taking a week off work, claiming to be ill. Unfortunately for him, he was caught out when he was pictured boozing with Billie. It seemed the pair were rarely out of the pub and work didn't appear to be their highest priority. Although the couple are still firm friends - she recently described him as 'the most amazing person that I know' - the maturing actress's fame seems to be on its way to eclipsing that of the 39-year-old TV maverick. But maybe that's because Billie, who was also praised for her first acting role in The Miller's Tale in 2003, has finally found a career she loves

Over the weekend the Guardian noted David Tennant would be in a BBC4 drama about Lady Chatterley. "The BBC is reprising the Lady Chatterley trial, 45 years after the event, with a drama written by Andrew Davies. It will be shown in March on BBC4, and probably repeated on BBC2. ...My father, Richard Hoggart, was one of the witnesses in the real trial ... Dad is played by the wonderful David Tennant (Blackpool, Casanova) who has carefully prepared his appearance by watching old interviews, even studying newspaper pictures of the time and having a picture of Dad on his mobile phone. He's extremely convincing - the suit, the hair, the Yorkshire accent, and trickiest of all, the speech rhythms. The only thing wrong is his sideburns. To do this film he had to take 24 hours off from making Doctor Who in Cardiff and, as he explained, the sideburns wouldn't grow back in a day. There, I thought, was a kind of fame - to have researchers and costume directors pore over every detail of your appearance, then be seen in the witness box wearing Doctor Who's face furniture."

The weekend's Sunday Mail says that "Scots star John Barrowmanscored a double whammy when he starred in two prime-time TV shows at the same time. The Glasgow-born actor-singer was seen competing on ITV's new show, Dancing On Ice, which began last night. Barrowman teamed up with dancer Olga Sharutenko along with a host of other celebrities including fellow Scot and weather girl Andrea McLean, Andi Peters and Dame Kelly Holmes. But viewers would have been forgiven for thinking they were seeing double as John, 38, also appeared on new BBC series The Sound Of The Musicals at the same time."

EntertainmentWise notes that "Gay voters have ordained David Tennant as the ‘sexiest man in the universe’ - putting the quirky Dr Who actor before David Beckham, Michael Owen and Brad Pitt. Tennant was gob-smacked to receive the Pink Paper Awards accolade and commented: 'I’m surprised to be thought of like that. Casanova is the only role I’ve played where you had to look good. But that particular Casanova didn't have to be an Adonis. He was more of a cheeky chappie.'" Also reported at Spotlighting NewsGayNZ,

Colin Baker spoke to the Daily Express, indicating that he's completely sold on the new series. "Hey amy be a former time traveller but one-time Dr Who Colin Baker does not dwell in the past. Baker, 62, who had the keys to the Tardis for two years from 1984, is full of praise for the show's latest incarnation and current Doctor David Tennant, right, and can't understand why people hark back to earlier shows. 'I have been astounded when diehard fans have expressed a preference for the old series, ' he says. 'It's hard to imagine how the series could be bettered.' Baker praises Tennant for 'a greater self-awareness, vulnerability and humour' than predecessor Christopher Eccleston and gushes, 'Tennant has been blessed with acting ability as well as compelling looks and innate charm.'"

The Scotsman notes that the Scottish Parliament has turned down an invitation to be the venue for the first National Theatre show in Scotland, in a play performed on February 25 with David Tennant in its cast.

Matthew Norman's Media Diary in yesterday's The Independent briefly notes Christopher Eccleston's play "The School of Night" being canceled, and asks, "Incidentally, if anyone was involved with The School of the Night, a play about Christopher Marlowe in which Christopher was due to star and which has been abruptly cancelled so close to opening night, please do get in touch." The weekend's Sunday Times says that "Eccleston was due to star next month in the Comedy theatre's revival of Peter Whelan's The School of Night. The play, first put on by the RSC in 1992, is about the Elizabethan playwright, poet and spy Christopher Marlowe. 'We couldn't make it happen in time,' said the producer, Mark Rubinstein." That's the first indication of a cause for the cancellation from the producers.

Outpost Gallifrey

Normally this wouldn't be cause for a separate subsection, but the Outpost Gallifrey website has been listed as "Site of the Week" at, the official website of America's Sci-Fi Channel, the new series broadcaster. "Known as the most popular fan-created Doctor Who site on the Web, Outpost Gallifrey maintains its reputation through diligent tracking of any and every fact pertaining to the crusading Time Lord and his companions—novels, podcasts, music releases, conventions and all other fan activity. The site's detailed episode guide features full cast and crew credits, as well as fan reviews of each installment in the Doctor's long history. ... Now, with the reimagined series bringing new fans to the fold, Outpost Gallifrey allows those who are discovering the series for the first time to catch up on the Doctor's travels, companions and exploits, even as it whets everyone's appetite for still more adventures." The site was also namechecked in a UK play, the Unbroadcastable Radio Show in Manchester; says our correspondent, "the sketch was Davros (which Toby Hadoke does an excellent impression of) speaking like a normal person at a casting agency. The casting agency wanted Davros to sound like Davros though, so showed him a post on Outpost Gallifrey saying that Sylvester McCoy was an excellent Doctor. This so incensed Davros that he got very angry and started speaking like Davros again. It was done very well, and was very funny!" Unbroadcastable Radio is on 8PM every 3rd Sunday of the month at the Comedy Store, Deansgate Locks, Manchester, UK, and always features Davros.


The South Wales Echo notes that "A young fan was starstruck when he came face to face with his hero - and a few villains. Sam Hill, five, was with parents Andy and Melanie watching the new Dr Who series being filmed. And when there was a break in the action, which saw Cybermen marching up Womanby Street, he had the chance to meet new Doctor David Tennant. Mum-of-three Melanie, of Fleur-de-Lys, near Blackwood, said: 'We're all part of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society. Sam really wanted to go as he's a massive fan.' During a break in filming, one of their friends approached the new Doctor and told him about his young fan. Melanie, 33, said: 'He was such a lovely bloke and said it wasn't a problem. He picked Sam up and posed for a picture, asking if he'd seen the Christmas special. Sam was so thrilled and carried the picture around with him all day.' Sam, a pupil at Fleur-de-Lys Primary School, said: 'I like the picture of me with him. It was really exciting to meet him.'"

Other items: BBC News noted David Tennant on the TV chart as we reported last week; Daily Snack says that "'Billie Piper’s Hollywood ambitions received a major boost last night after Doctor Who was snapped up by American TV. The sexy 23-year-old has pledged to remain in her role as Who’s sidekick Rose Tyler for at least one more series"; today'sIndependent says that "it is a self-evident truth that Russell T Davies's Doctor Who is better now than it ever was in its so-called golden age"; yesterday's Guardian says that "The tweed suits, the scruffy trainers, the slightly dishevelled English gent look - sci fi never looked so good and it will inevitably affect the catwalk"; RTE says that "'Doctor Who' star John Barrowman has been installed as the bookmakers' favourite to win 'Dancing on Ice' after just one live performance; hot on his heels are actress Bonnie Langford and former 'Coronation Street' star Sean Wilson, who played Martin Platt in the soap.";

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