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1/03/2006 04:22:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

January 3, 2006 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
Issue #365 of Doctor Who Magazine is due out this week, on Thursday 5 January. The press blurb and cover illustration is below; click on the thumbnail for a larger version. (With thanks to Tom Spilsbury at DWM)
You've seen The Christmas Invasion - now find out how it was made, in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine!

"You turn up every day and you get on with it," says David Tennant, the new Doctor Who. "But every now and again, standing in these caves in my pyjamas,with a broadsword, I look around and there's Sean dressed up as a huge alien, and down the other end of the cave is the TARDIS, and I do have a moment of going 'This is just unreal! This is impossible!'"

Find out more about The Christmas Invasion in a massive 28-page feature,including interviews with David Tennant, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke, Russell T Davies, James Hawes, Penelope Wilton and many more!

Plus! The Tenth Doctor makes his comic strip debut - find our which old enemies are waiting for him on the icy planet Serac...

Meanwhile, Gallifrey Guardian includes some exclusive casting news, while Steven Moffat gives DWM a report from the 2005 TV Moments ceremony. Russell T Davies looks back on the last year in Production Notes, there's an extensive preview of The Beginning DVD box set, The Time Team battle Daleks and the Jagaroth - plus all your usual favourites!