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8/01/2005 06:50:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

August 1, 2005 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
David Tennant and Billie Piper spoke to BBC One's Newsround at 5.25pm on Monday (1 August), at slightly greater length than the interviews that appeared on the main BBC News programmes. It's about five minutes into the eight-minute programme, which is available on the CBBC website to view in Real Player for twenty-four hours until about 5.25pm BST Tuesday. The following is a brief transcript (with thanks to Steve Tribe).
Presenter: And finally to our first glimpse behind the scenes of the new series of Doctor Who. Filming has started in Wales with the new Doctor, who's played by actor David Tennant. We visited Cardiff to meet him.
Reporter (over clip from Parting of the Ways): Our first glimpse of the new Doctor at the end of the last series - goodbye Christopher Eccleston, hello David Tennant.
Tennant: Morphing out of Christopher Eccleston, I don't think it's possible to get a stranger entrance than that. It's a very unusual way to begin a job, but fantastic! I mean, you know, you couldn't ask for a finer entrance really.
Interviewer: How daunting is it, playing a character like this?
Tennant: It's pretty daunting because it's kind of everywhere, you know, Doctor Who as a concept and also just the show itself is... so big!
Reporter: The programme's very important to the BBC, the last series sometimes got figures of around ten million viewers, so this time around they've kept the formula exactly the same, except of course for one thing - the Doctor himself. And the new man in the role says that, if things don't go successfully this time around, only one person will get the blame.
Tennant: It's my fault! I'm the only new guy! Everything else is the same as it was last year, so if it goes wrong it's my fault. Which, er, you know, just adds to the scary factor from my point of view.
Reporter (over recording footage): Billie Piper is back playing Rose, and is still getting to know her new onscreen partner.
Piper: I've only been working with him for about a few weeks now, but he's absolutely adorable and just perfect as the Doctor.
Tennant: It's been great so far, yes. I mean, it's kind of surreal finding myself on set with a TARDIS and with Rose Tyler and all these things that, you know, I was watching on the TV just a few months ago, and suddenly I'm in it. It's kind of odd, but it's great fun.
Reporter (over opening titles): You'll get your chance to make up your own mind about the new Doctor this Christmas.