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8/01/2005 06:49:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

August 1, 2005 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
Below are six new photographs Outpost Gallifrey has obtained of on-set photography over the past few days. The first, by Dave Greenham, was taken today (Monday) in Cardiff, while the other five are more of Stephen Watts' photos from last Friday's shoot. As always, click on the thumbnails for larger versions.
Meanwhile, also included below is our first set report of the year, from today's location shoot in Cardiff by John Williams, and as such is included in ourspoiler tag... click on the spoiler tag image to read it. Outpost Gallifrey has also learned that previously-reported filming on the Hayes in Cardiff will take place next week, on Monday and Tuesday, instead of this week, as local retailers have noted. (Both The Hayes and Working Street, also seen in the first series, will be closed to the public both nights.) (Thanks to Stephen Watts, Dave Greenham, Rob Stickler, John Williams)
John Williams:
As luck would have it, filming was taking place today (and has been since the early hours apparently - we were there just after 3pm) right opposite an ice-cream parlour, in the former bistro bar/restaurant under Signor Valentinos Italian Restaurant.

We approached the bay from the direction of the Millennium Centre. My suspicions and excitement were first roused when to the left, in front of the Pierhead building (Red church), we spyed an open-backed rental van containing all sorts of standard furniture, lighting equipment, and two large police-box sized colour prints of the TARDIS interior (presumably interior rear wall prints for the TARDIS prop).

As we made our way round towards the bistro area and Terra Nova bar where Boomtown was filmed last year, huge blackout screens had been hung from the railings around Signor Valentinos, obscuring everything in the building beneath. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to glimpse anything within. However when we arrived, there was quite a scary looking character wearing a black hooded cloak with a whitened face and dark eye sockets outside the screen waiting for his queue. We were then rewarded further when both Billie and David came out at that moment to take a break. David was wearing his new crumpled brown pin-stripped suit (no coat) and cool shades, Billie in tight black trousers, a purple silk short sleeved blouse and in full make-up with her hair tied up. There were also a couple of kids wearing modern clothing who Billie and David spoke with and also some guys wearing DJ's and black bow ties.

A couple of minutes later they all disappeared back inside. We chatted up the guy closest to us, who happened to be the location manager. We spoke about the Duffryn High School shoot, and he confirmed it for us as being for Doctor Who. He was then called away to choose a TARDIS landing spot, just as Billie and David broke out from the screens again (David this time wearing his coat). A red Volvo estate had already reversed up, and they both dashed over to it and jumped in the back, apparently off to a late lunch.

David certainly looks great in his new costume, and I think he likes it too. There was a very noticable and accentuated degree of coat flapping going on as he made his way to the car! My daughter was chuffed as she managed to catch a wave from Billie before she fastened her seat belt. The car then drove off, and the location manager told us that they would be returning to Newport later for some filming in one of the squares (didn't catch the name, regrettably).