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2/11/2005 08:51:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

February 11, 2005  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
In their latest installment of "Features," a weekly promotional circular, for Week 9 of the year, the BBC Press Office have photos and promotion for Doctor Who... although not as a current series, but as part of the "Coming Soon" section. "Christopher Eccleston plays Doctor Who in a new, 13-part series for BBC One," says the document. "Billie Piper, who made her acting debut in the critically-acclaimed Canterbury Tales - The Miller's Tale, stars alongside Eccleston as the Doctor's companion, Rose Tyler. Traveling through time and space, the Doctor and Rose come face to face with a number of new and exciting monsters - as well as battling with the Doctor's arch-enemy, the Daleks! The series also features Penelope Wilton, Noel Clarke, Annette Badland, Camille Coduri, John Barrowman, Richard Wilson, Simon Pegg and acclaimed theatre, film and television actor Simon Callow." The document also features a mention of Doctor Who exec producer Russell T Davies' other serial, "Casanova," as well as Paul McGann's turn as Colonel MacNab in "Kidnapped" (see separate story). (Thanks to Paul Hayes)