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1/23/2005 10:39:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

January 23, 2005  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
As we reported on December 19, Project Who is "a two-part BBC Radio 2 program that will air around the time of the new series" and will be released on CD. Originally scheduled for April, the new release date is currently May 2. As noted in our previous report, the contents are as follows: "Tying in with transmission of the new BBC1 Saturday night series of Doctor Who, this two-part BBC Radio 2 programme takes a look at the Doctor Who phenomenon. Why is now the right time for it to return? There will be interviews with the stars and producers of the new series, location and set visits, and interviews with famous people who are fans of Doctor Who. This CD release will feature additional material not included in the Radio 2 broadcast." (Thanks to Steve Tribe)

Galaxy 4 is reporting the release of Doctor Who At the BBC: Volume 3 due on September 5; this would presumably be the third in the series of audio clips from BBC Radio interviews and features, possibly narrated by one of their earlier narrators, Nick Courtney or Elisabeth Sladen.

Newly listed on Amazon is Doctor Who, Novella No. 1 from BBC Audio for release on June 6; there's no information but it seems likely that the Ninth Doctor books will be released as audiobooks (Eccleston/Piper being obvious candidates to read them). Also, as previously corrected on our Releases guide, the Ninth Doctor novel formerly "Death Players" is now called Winner Takes All. It and the other two Ninth Doctor books ("Clockwise Man" and "Monsters Inside") as well as the non-fiction book "Monsters and Villains" are all out on May 19.

Various sources are reporting different additional DVDs for the summer and fall of 2005 in the UK, including possible boxed sets of "Trial of a Time Lord" or "The Beginning" (which includes the first three stories), plus "Attack of the Cybermen," "Mawdryn Undead," "The Web Planet," "Revelation of the Daleks" and "Survival," but nothing has been confirmed as yet by BBC Worldwide.

Finally regarding merchandise, according to the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, the media firm Orange 20 (whose logo appears in the magazine credits of DWM) has "planned a coordinated approach to Doctor Who marketing in the run up to the series launch, tying the new series and 'Classic Who' together in DVD and book schedules, magazine features and media promotion." The same article also talks about the Pertwee/McGann logo being retained for 'Classic Who' and the new logo being exclusively for Ninth Doctor stuff; it's not clear whether this is any more than the speculation that's been doing the rounds for ages.