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1/14/2005 10:45:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

January 14, 2005  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
An interview posted on the TwitchFilm website with writer Mark Gatiss discusses many topics including the new series. In the interview, conducted very recently, Gatiss notes that he was "in Cardiff yesterday, at the press junket, and it was - I can say without affectation - one of the most exciting days of my entire life." On the subject of Christopher Eccleston: "He's brilliant. He's brilliant. I think the show will surprise a lot of people and that, particularly, Chris will. He's known for his intensity, his rather scary intensity, which he DOES have as the Doctor. And equally, if you know him in real life, he's a really good laugh and a lovely man and it' s that sort of duality that he brings to it. He's like a kind of crazy child, but then when he tells you off you quake in your shoes. It's actually kind of a Tom Baker-ish quality, but in a completely different way." On the Daleks: "They're back. They are. That's true. I saw one yesterday and cried real tears. It's a marvelous story by Rob Shearman and I can't think of a better way of bringing them back. It makes your hair stand on end, it's so spooky. Intense. Dynamite, really." On whether it will continue after this series: "Oh, well, everyone wants it to continue, obviously, but it's a real killer. I mean thirteen forty five minute episodes may not sound like a lot but the thing is that apart from a few two-parters they're all one offs, so you need new sets, new situations, and new casts. It's really exhausting. When my episode was finished recording I shot the League film and did several other things and by the time I cam to see my episode they still had five more to shoot. It feels like so long ago! Russell [Davies, another Who writer] said to me "We've discovered the show that will kill us all." But, god yes. We'd love to continue." And on whether he'd want to write for subsequent seasons: "Oh, god yes. I don't want to just do one. I feel like having been privileged to be part of the team that brought it back in what I feel is such a marvelous way I'd like to leave a legacy of stories. Of course mostly I'd like to be Dr. Who!" For more on his thoguhts and to read the full article, visit theTwitchFilm site. (Thanks to Peter Weaver, Paul Hayes)