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11/27/2004 07:06:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

November 27, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Reports in today's Mirror that Zoe Wanamaker -- the esteemed character actress best known for her roles in the sitcom "My Family," as broom instructor Madame Hooch in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," and as Clarice Groan in the BBC adaptation of "Gormenghast" -- has been cast in the new Doctor Who series. Read the spoiler-tagged section as the report in the Mirror also includes spoilers about the episode she's in...
From today's "Mirror": the article Zoe Who-Ha notes that, in more news from the set "where increasing numbers of famous faces are turning up to join in. This week it's Zoe Wanamaker's turn in an episode called 'Survivor.'" According to the Mirror, Wanamaker plays "the oldest person in the world, who is being kept alive in a desolate and abandoned London by her alien captors."

The article also notes that the producers have devised a "cunning" way to let viewers known when the Doctor is entering a new time zone: he "changes his jumper. You read it here first," says the Mirror.