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11/22/2004 07:18:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

November 22, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
November 20's Liverpool Echo ran a story about how timeless Doctor Who really is... and how it's proof that television isn't as good as it used to be - just in time for the anniversary. "Most people will have vivid memories of the Doctor," it says, noting that "its reputation for being so scary that kids hid behind the sofa to watch it seems slightly absurd in this day and age of horror flicks and video games, but at the time, it was terrifying. Despite its shaky sets, dodgy costumes and on occasion frankly laughable scripts, it blazed a trail -- and took whole generations of TV viewers with it on its adventures." It also notes many of the assistants including Frazer Hines, Elisabeth Sladen, Bonnie Langford, Louise Jameson and Janet Fielding... and of course, "The baddies were just as important. The ultimate, of course, were The Daleks. Viewed with an adult, post-Star Wars eye, the Daleks look about as threatening as a can of tuna fish. But at the time, their monotone cyber-voices, their relentless pursuit of their enemies, and their motto: "Exterminate!", were extremely frightening." The article concludes with a very positive note: "It is easy to mock Doctor Who. It wasn't exactly big budget, and yet it is one of the most affectionately remembered shows in British TV history. It has spawned a legion of fans who still hold conventions. Its theme music is still recognised. There have been Doctor Who exhibitions and a variety of spin-off merchandise. The Doctor might have been gone for a while, but he has never been forgotten."