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11/09/2004 07:29:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

November 9, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
New series writer Mark Gatiss spoke to the Sunday Herald on November 7 about his series "The League of Gentlemen" and also about the new Doctor Who season forthcoming. "The Dr Who commission was another dream job somehow drafted into reality for Gatiss," the article says. "He loved the programme as a child, and hated it when it became an obscure self-parody." He discusses his Doctor Who novels (briefly) for Virgin and BBC Books, and also his screenplays for the BBV direct-to-video films "The Devil Of Winterbourne" and "The Zero Imperative" (which he notes are "not available" even though they actually are, on video!) He says that the new series is "a brilliant reinvention. ... IÆm not just saying that. Chris plays it straight, but fun. His seriousness is almost frightening, it makes The Doctor seem more alien, more like an innocent on Earth. When he tells you the world is going to explode, you believe it. ItÆs a wonderful part and a great piece of television. Very funny, very scary." Read the full article at the Sunday Herald site.