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5/28/2004 01:35:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

May 28, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Today's press clips update, with thanks to Steve Tribe, Andrew Harvey, Paul Engelberg, Mark Healey and Roger Anderson:

Today both BBC News Online and The Register gauge fan reaction to the casting of Billie Piper. "Doctor Who fans are apparently beside themselves with excitement at the news that former popstress Billie Piper will become Doctor Who's new assistant for the scheduled return of the roving Time Lord," says the Register article, which quotes DWAS spokesman Antony Wainer: "She's a very pretty lady, her acting credentials have been proven and she will have a wide appeal." The articles also discuss fan reaction while referring to posts on Outpost Gallifrey's Forum (referred to as "Gallifreyone.net"), showing both sides of fan reaction: fantastic casting versus publicity stunt casting.

Yesterday's Belfast Telegraph has more about Christopher Eccleston's forthcoming gig with the band I Am Kloot. Says the article, Eccleston "was so taken by I Am Kloot, that he approached the band and asked if he could work with them. He stars in the clip for forthcoming single Proof. 'I haven't actually met him,' says a disappointed [frontman John] Bramwell. 'He's been to a few gigs and he got in touch. We came up with the idea for the video and we were very flattered he agreed because he's a great actor. In the video, he just stares at the camera and doesn't mime or anything. His expression just changes ever so slightly from tearful to joyous - it's very simple and intense, just small changes and it's fascinating to watch.' I Am Kloot head to the Empire in Belfast on June 6 as part of a brief Irish tour."

The Billie Piper coverage is slowing down, though there were some letters in Metro, the free newspaper on Britain's trains, in response to their article on Tuesday. However, today's BBC News Online weekly quiz of the past week's news includes a passing mention of Piper in question 2, "A colourless, viscous liquid which gradually turns red, then brown and then plastic-like has been in the news. What is it?" Answer option D is "An alien-busting weapon to be handed to Dr Who's new assistant, Billie Piper."

World Entertainment News Network on May 27 published the following story: "Elizabeth star Christopher Eccleston is constantly teased by his pals since landing the role of Doctor Who in the latest TV series about the time-traveller. The English actor, 40, is delighted to have won the coveted role in the BBC series, which hits TV screens next year (05). But Eccleston says, 'I've had so many phone messages from mates, all drunk as monkeys, doing the theme tune for me.'"