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4/24/2004 02:30:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

One of North America's few annual conventions, United Fan Con in Massachusetts has put out a call to arms to fans across America for aid. "New England's premier non-profit fan run science fiction convention has fallen on hard times. The last two conventions created a large deficit which now threatens future conventions. We are asking fans to assist us in one or more of the following ways: make a donation, purchase items via our eBay store (http://stores.ebay.com/United-Fan-Con), or attend one of our upcoming fundraising events. All of these fundraising activities will help assure the future of the convention." In addition to raising funds to cover their losses from the previous two events, they are looking to build funds for their next event in November, which has so far confirmed a rare appearance by actress Gates McFadden ("Star Trek: The Next Generation"). Outpost Gallifrey encourages all our readers to help a great convention keep alive for the foreseeable future!