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4/28/2004 02:26:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

A few items in last week's media to report on (with thanks to Steve Tribe and Paul Engelberg):

A brief mention in today's Guardian, in an article on "Parkinson" leaving the BBC at the same time as various of his contemporaries return to the corporation, mentions Who in passing: "As Simon Cowell's latest talent show for ITV, The X-Factor, abolishes any upper age limit for contestants, the man who has lived at least nine lives, Doctor Who, is also heading back to our screens with the programme hitting 40 and the Time Lord himself nudging 1,000." Read it here (note: the Guardian now requires registration!)

The Ayrshire Post on April 15 featured an article called "Prof Hawking can speak like a Dalek or try the new technology" referring to Stephen Hawking and his stubbornness in replacing his speaking-device computer, which would be nearly impossible to repair due to antiquated parts. "But no... the professor is hell-bent on continuing to talk like a dalek and new speech synthesisers don’t speak like that no more...apparently! The professor maintains he has spoken like a dalek for years and argues that he has a right to talk that way if he wants to."

From the "arcane" files: Australia's Tenterfield Star on April 22 ran a story about the Wallangarra Railway Station, which mentioned how the station and museum, which straddle the border between Queensland and New South Wales, has become a popular stop for tourists and history buffs... not the least of which is due to the old TARDIS-style phone box in the station's heritage centre! Meanwhile, down in New Zealand, the Herald ran a story on April 24 noting how new post boxes have hit the streets: "They look like a cross between a Dalek from Dr Who and the robot from Lost in Space, and they are coming to a street corner near you."

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Daleks ran in last week's South Wales Echo. It was a largely factual piece with ten pieces of trivia about the pepperpot villains, including "Daleks are mutants from the planet Skaro," "Creator Terry Nation said he was "inspired" by the letter coding on an encyclopedia, DAL - LEK. He later admitted he couldn't remember how the name came about." and "8. The Daleks once had their own West End stage play."