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1/17/2004 12:26:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

A January 16 article on the UK Teletext has raised some eyebrows and created a whirlwind of new rumors concerning the new Doctor Who series. In an "exclusive" written for Teletext by Simon Holden, the reporter announces a "fleeting appearance" by Paul McGann as the Doctor, shortly before regenerating into the new incarnation: "The last Doctor will be regenerated into the new one and have a glamorous female sidekick." However, producer Mal Young is quoted as stating "He will regenerate but we will bring it up to date, modernise the storytelling," not necessarily confirming any sort of regeneration. Indeed, Outpost Gallifrey has been told that there will not be a regeneration; Mr. McGann has NOT at this time made any sort of agreement to appear in the new series, nor has, as is purported by the article, the use of the Daleks and/or Cybermen been confirmed (indeed, rights issues between the BBC and the Terry Nation estate are still being negotiated.) Author Holden claims the budget will be four million pounds. Read the article, but of course take it with a grain of salt; there is very little that producer Young actually says in the article, and much is extrapolated around it.