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12/10/2003 08:30:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

December 10, 2003  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Russell T. Davies, in the newest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, comments on the new series that "at the moment, we're planning thirteen episodes, 45 minutes long. The 13 would be a mixture of one-off episodes, and two-parters, complete with cliffhangers." However, he does emphasize that all of this is subject to change. "I can certainly tell you that the BBC talks about this show as a potential long-runner," Davies says. "We aren't looking at a special one-off series for nostalgists only - we all want this show to succeed, to gather viewers, to exhilarate and stimulate and create new memories, and return every year. ... I did an interview with DWM a few years ago, where we speculated how Doctor Who could return. In that, I said that budgetary restrictions would make the show Earth-bound. Well now we're here, and it's real, and I'm looking at the budget and thinking to hell with it. Let's voyage. In time and space. As a programme, it's always going to use present-day Earth as a touchstone.... but it would be a shame to ignore the endless vistas offered by a fully-functioning TARDIS. The Doctor and his friend Rose will be able to travel anywhere, any time, every Saturday night." (Thanks to "Bobbyfischface" on the OG Forum)