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9/29/2003 03:14:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

September 29, 2003  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Another article appeared in today's The Guardian paper in the UK; entitled "The Spirit of Wobbliness" by Brian Logan, the article pins the future success of a new series of Doctor Who on the spirit of the Sixties. "Rejoice, rejoice - but with reservations," says the article, which quotes messages printed on several websites and notes some of the changes that the show went through in its long life. "If the return of Doctor Who is to be a success," Logan writes, "then it needs to bring back a little piece of the 1960s with it. It's not that the oft-cited wobbly sets should be recreated. (And they're not always wobbly - you should watch The Robots of Death!) It's the spirit of wobbliness, the primacy of imagination over special effects, that counts. Likewise, the Doctor needn't remain forever sexless - it can't be easy, after all, when your fellow traveller is wearing leopardskins. But in an age as sexually obsessed as ours, a hero who'd rather be knobbling Daleks than knocking off his leggy companions is surely to be welcomed." The full article can be read by clicking here.