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9/29/2003 03:16:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

September 29, 2003  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Fourth Doctor Tom Baker will be a guest on UK's GMTV this Wednesday morning. Tom will also appear on Radio 2 during Mark Goodier's show this Friday afternoon; the show is broadcast between 1400 and 1700 GMT but it's unlikely Tom will be no before 3.15pm. Tom will likely be discussing his thoughts on the show's return on both shows. Tom will also be a guest of BBC Radio London 94.9 chat show host Danny Baker this Friday morning and the show will be webcast (listen by going to this website); Tom will be discussing the new series announcement among other topics. This is in addition to his Wednesday GMTV and Friday Radio 2 appearances (see next item). (Thanks to Lloyd Ellis)
          According to BBCi, Jon Culshaw did his impression of Tom Baker on the "Dead Ringers" comedy sketch series in a performance that pinned the new Doctor Who series as a "makeover/reality TV" show, with the first 'episode' ending as the Doctor regenerates into "Changing Rooms" designer Linda Barker ("well, at least I'm not Sylvester McCoy!")
          The gentlemen behind BBC's South East Today contacted us regarding last Friday's news item they ran regarding the return of the seris. The show also featured a rundown of the top three locations used in the South East (such as Brighton) and an interview with DWM's Clay Hickman in the DWM offices at Tunbridge Wells, among others. Certainly there's a lot of press interest now that the BBC's made their announcement.
          (Thanks to Richard Allison, Ian Robinson, Andrew Curry, Dan Hadley, Andrew Swann & Stuart Maisner for the September 29th stories)