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10/22/2014 01:09:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Live +7 figures are now available for the first four episodes of the current series of Doctor Who.

The Live+7 figure are a measure used by the BBC to estimate the total audience for a programme. Unlike the official BARB figure, it includes not only those who watch the BBC One broadcast and those who time-shift it, but also those who watch the repeats on other UK channels and those who watch the programme on i-Player. The total figure is an estimate of the total number of unique viewers who watched the episode, in the UK, within one week on broadcast.

EpisodeLive + Same DayRepeatTime ShiftiPlayerTotal Live+7
Deep Breath6.81 (63%)0.46 (4%)2.53 (23%)0.97 (9%)10.76 million
Into the Dalek5.16 (62%)0.40 (5%)2.21 (27%)0,50 (6%)8.26 million
Robot of Sherwood5.26 (64%)0.44 (5%)2.03 (25%)0.51 (6%)8.25 million
Listen4.82 (62%)0.37 (5%)2.14 (27%)0.48 (6%)7.80 million
BBC Average(85%)(6%)(7%)(3%)