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9/22/2014 01:33:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Reported by Alex Frazer-Harrison and Chuck Foster
The Two Doctors (R2) (Credit: BBC Worldwide)After receiving recent reports that the DVD of The Two Doctors no longer includes A Fix With Sontarans as an extra, we checked with BBC Worldwide over the status of the story's release and they have verified:

The Fix It special master copy has been amended from all further DVD sales after the Savile issues came to light. The sleeves and menus on the amended release should have been changed to reflect that.

We’ve now notified the online distributors so this will be amended.

At the time of writing, online retailers such as the BBC Shop and Amazon still list the extra; purchasers of the story should verify which version they are buying as retailers may hold either version in stock at present.