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1/01/2014 09:50:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Tom Baker has expressed his heartfelt thanks to fans around the world for their support, saying he felt 'swamped in love' following his appearance in the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who.

The veteran actor, who turns 80 later this month, posted a New Year’s message on his website, reflecting on the past year and his plans for the future. He said wonderful messages came in from around the world following his cameo in the The Day of the Doctor, which he revealed was filmed in Cardiff last spring. Through the wintry darkness of April, I travelled to Cardiff where my scene was to be shot. The BBC decided that I shouldn’t stay in a hotel in Cardiff in case people guessed what I was there for. Matt and I did not discuss the scene or talk about what it might mean; God forbid! No, we started just after eight am and about four hours later I was released.

Baker also spoke of his experience at the Excel Centre in London, where he attended the 50th Anniversary Celebration along with thousands of fans."It was tumult: the fans cheered as if I had come back from the dead and the cheering did the trick... I travelled back in time: it was wonderful. I enjoyed it all."

In the message Tom Baker tells how he spent Christmas without power, following storms which hit the South East of England just before the holiday, Sue & I had to manage the best we could in the darkness, trying to be cheerful and entertaining ourselves. He looks forward to completing more recordings for Big Finish Productions in the New Year. I have never been happier at work than I am with my colleagues at Big Finish. The actors are well cast and are wonderful company.

Tom Baker thanked fans for their emails and messages on his facebook page. I am constantly touched and amazed by the personal stories people have told in my guestbook about how watching Doctor Who helped them through difficult times and inspired them to make something of their lives. Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories with me and other fans. I certainly find it very interesting.