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11/26/2013 10:10:00 am - Reported by Anthony Weight

The website Screen Daily is reporting that the 3D cinema showings of The Day of the Doctor, which took place in tandem with its television d├ębut on BBC One at the weekend, earned £1.7 million ($2.2 million) in Britain, enough to propel the story to third place at the UK box office for the weekend. The 50th anniversary special was therefore behind only the Hollywood blockbusters The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (£12.2 million) and Gravity (£2.4 million) in this week's chart.

Screen Daily also reports that this is the first week in which releases outside of regular motion pictures, such as one-off specials and live events, have been included in the UK box office chart. The reported figure comes from showings on 450 screens on Saturday.

As previously-reported, The Day of the Doctor was also a success in the television ratings, gaining over 10 million viewers on overnight figures alone - only the sixth episode of Doctor Who to achieve this feat since the series returned in 2005.