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10/18/2013 09:39:00 am - Reported by Paul Scoones

Eleven Doctors silver coin set, issued by New Zealand Mint in October 2013 (Credit: New Zealand Mint)Following the issue of the gold and silver Doctor Who 50th annniversary coins earlier this year, New Zealand Mint has now released a set of ½ ounce 999 Fine Silver coins featuring all eleven Doctors.

Each Doctor is depicted alongside one of his adversaries, including Daleks, Cybermen, the Master, Davros, Omega, Slitheen, Ood, and a Weeping Angel.

The limited edition set of 11 coins comes packaged in a 3D replica of the Doctor’s fob watch. 3,000 of these sets will be issued worldwide.

The coins are also available to purchase separately, limited to 1,000 of each Doctor.

As with New Zealand Mint’s earlier issues, these coins are legal tender for $1 in the Pacific island nation of Niue.
First and Eleventh Doctor silver coins, issued by New Zealand Mint in October 2013 (Credit: New Zealand Mint)
Simon Harding (NZ Mint chief executive):
There are not many television shows which boast a 50 year history. To be able to celebrate that evolution in such a unique way, as this silver coin set does, is something Doctor Who fans will love. 
Rachael Hammond (BBC Worldwide ANZ’s Senior Licensing Executive, Consumer Products): 
To celebrate 50 years is a remarkable achievement for a television show and these 11 silver coins provide a worthy memento of Doctor Who’s enduring popularity.
The coins are now available to order from New Zealand Mint.