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3/07/2013 06:21:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

SFX Issue 233, published March 2013The latest edition of SFX magazine has just been published, and features an exclusive interview with Jenna-Louise Coleman. who plays Clara Oswald in the second half of Series 7, which kicks off on 30th March.

Talking about how the onscreen chemistry with co-star Matt Smith was developed, she said:
When I started on Doctor Who Matt said to me “Watch Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy films!” We were talking about our dynamic and trying to figure it out, realising we were a double act . . . It’s trying to find each other’s rhythm... So watching things like Spencer Tracy films really feed into that. Matt always said it’s about physically finding our rhythm... In a way the whole thing is like a dance, and the moment we started dancing together and finding that rhythm is when it worked.
The full interview is in SFX 233, in the shops now.