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3/26/2013 08:18:00 am - Reported by Paul Scoones

The Bells of Saint John will make its New Zealand television debut on Thursday, 11 April at 8:30pm, on Prime.

Prime made the announcement on Twitter and Facebook today, saying:
We are pleased to finally announce that we will begin the new season of Doctor Who on Prime on Thursday 11 April at 8.30pm!!
Prime is promoting the story as follows:
This is it, the 50th anniversary year! Join the Doctor in all new episodes as he sets out to solve the mystery of new companion Clara. Expect explosions, aliens and running, lots of running!
The episode will be screened 12 days after its UK debut. This is the same delay that New Zealand viewers experienced with last year's series of five episodes. Prime has only once screened a Doctor Who episode sooner than this: The Snowmen was broadcast on 26 December 2012, less than one day after the UK.