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3/29/2013 10:24:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

This weekend sees Big Finish celebrate the return of Doctor Who with a special offer on a number of their recent releases.
They're back! This weekend as a special Easter treat, we're rolling back the prices of the Doctor Who special releases to their pre-order states!
  • Doctor Who: Love and War - an audio adaptation of the classic New Adventures novel, featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace's first encounter with Bernice Summerfield.
  • Doctor Who: Dark Eyes - an epic adventure across many worlds and times with an Eighth Doctor wounded from recent losses, a fearless new companion and the ever-present threat of the Daleks.
  • Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion - The Seventh Doctor and Raine trip across dimensions while another incarnation of the Doctor teams up with UNIT to fight extra-dimensional incursions. But what's really going on?
  • Doctor Who: Voyage to Venus/Voyage to the New World: The Sixth Doctor takes his old friends Jago & Litefoot sight-seeing around the cosmos, leading to an ill-fated landing which leads neatly into the new Jago & Litefoot fifth series box set.
Available since the end of last year, the Special Releases are some of our most acclaimed audios.
The offer runs until Tuesday.

There is still time to enter our Scorchies competition - see here for more details (closing date 31st March).