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2/19/2013 03:56:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Big Finish have released details on the latest adventures for the Doctor and his companions in February:

Spaceport Fear (available to pre-order)

Doctor Who: Spaceport Fear is the latest story to star Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor (seen on TV from 1984-1986) alongside Bonnie Langford as Mel, who partnered him on screen in 1986. As the title would suggest, they find themselves on an apparently deserted spaceport... but there are strange and terrifying things lurking in the dark corners. Will they ever manage to facilitate a departure? Written by William Gallagher and directed by Barnaby Edwards, the story also features Ronald Pickup.


Welcome to Tantane Spaceport – where the tribes of Business and Economy have been at war for all of four hundred years...

Welcome to Tantane Spaceport – where a terrible creature called the Wailer prowls the corridors around the Control Tower, looking to eat the unwary...

Welcome to Tantane Spaceport – where there is one Arrival: a battered blue Police Box containing the time-travelling Doctor and his companion, Mel...

Welcome to Tantane Spaceport – where there are no Departures. Ever.
The Sands of Life (available to pre-order)

Meanwhile, over on The Fourth Doctor Adventures, the Doctor, Romana and K9 find themselves caught between a mass of aliens heading for Earth and the powerful head of the Conglomerate, Cuthbert, in The Sands of Life. Tom Baker (the Doctor on TV form 1974-1981) is once more teamed with Mary Tamm as Romana, and John Leeson joins them in the TARDIS as well this month as K9 for the first three (count 'em!) parts of a five-part story which continues next month with War Against the Laan.

Producer David Richardson says:
It felt very special to have Tom, Mary and John back together in this story, and it sets up a chain of events that will be felt all the way through until the end of the season.
The story is written and directed by Nicholas Briggs, and the cast includes David Warner, Toby Hadoke and Hayley Atwell.


Sheridan Moorkurk has just been elected president of Earth... but the harsh realities of who really runs the planet are just beginning to dawn on her. And what's more, she's starting to hear voices.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Romana encounter a mass of aliens heading to Earth... Aliens who have already made the mistake of upsetting the infamous Cuthbert, all-powerful CEO of The Conglomerate, by destroying one of his space platforms.

Will the Doctor and Romana be able to avert inter-species war that will destroy all life on Earth?
House of Cards (available to pre-order)

The latest Companion Chronicles story is also available. House of Cards finds the Doctor, Polly, Jamie and Ben in a space casino surrounded by monsters include the sinister Sidewinder Syndicate - can they escape with their lives?

Written by Steve Lyons, it stars Frazer Hines as Jamie alongside Anneke Wills as Polly, back together reprising their Sixties roles, with Frazer also once more providing his amazing impersonation of Patrick Troughton's Second Doctor.

David Richardson says:
People had loved The Selachian Gambit, which was also written by Steve Lyons, and starred Anneke and Frazer. I jumped at the chance to get them back together, along with director Lisa Bowerman, to recreate that magic period from the Second Doctor’s era.


The TARDIS has landed in a futuristic space casino, where the Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie find fun, games… and monsters everywhere. There are vicious robot dogs, snake-headed gangsters from the Sidewinder Syndicate and a mysterious masked woman called Hope.

In this place, time travellers are to be tracked down and arrested. Yet, as events spiral out of control, time may be Polly's only ally...
Gallifrey V (available to pre-order)

Gallifrey V is the first of two box sets for 2013, with the saga drawing to an epic close in Gallifrey VI in October.
When we last heard from them, Romana and Leela were trapped on an alternate version of Gallifrey planning to build a new life. But things aren't going to plan.

Crammed with twists, turns, plots, machinations and double-dealing, the fifth series of Gallifrey takes Romana, Leela and Narvin through a host of trials and tribulations and prepares the way for the epic conclusion to the series in Gallifrey VI.

Plus, if you want to catch up, the first three series are on sale from the Big Finish website.


With Romana and Narvin ruling New Gallifrey from the heart of the capitol, their former friend Leela now lives as an Outsider, existing in the wastelands of Gallifrey with the former slaves she fought hard to free. With no hope of returning home, to their one true Gallifrey, these three exiles try to find a way to survive and build a better Gallifrey than the barbaric, lawless one they have found themselves in.

However, politicians, scientists and industrialists alike enjoyed luxury, power and wealth before Romana and Narvin came along and they will take any action they deem necessary to regain what they have lost. And if Leela’s Outsiders are swept away as a consequence, so much the better.

And in the shadows, watching and waiting, is an ancient evil that no one can stop...
The Big Finish Companion - Volume 2

Also just published is The Big Finish Companion - Volume 2, a massive guide to a wealth of Big Finish ranges from the pen of Kenny Smith, writer of unofficial Big Finish fanzine The Finished Product. Covering Doctor Who, Stargate, Iris Wildthyme and more, including an in-depth look at the plans for the series of The Tomorrow People which were never made, it's an indispensable guide and a fascinating insight into Big Finish's productions.

In addition to the Doctor Who releases, Vienna is a new series starring Chase Masterson as Vienna Salvatori, a cosmic assassin. The first story, The Memory Box, is out now and finds Vienna being investigated for the murder of an intergalactic businessman – but did she do it?

David Richardson says:
It’s a twisty-turny tale by Jonathan Morris, and it boasts a brilliant starring turn by Chase. While Vienna isn’t anything to do with Doctor Who, the character was originally introduced in the Seventh Doctor story The Shadow Heart last year – and it was during the recording we realized what a treasure we had with Chase!

Finally, two Blake’s 7 titles are out this month – the full cast story Warship, which reunites all of the Season 2 line-up, plus The Liberator Chronicles: The Armageddon Storm, which stars Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jan Chappell plus Tom Chadbon as Del Grant.