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9/19/2012 05:19:00 pm - Reported by Harry Ward

This week's Doctor Who Adventures magazine comes with a Vortex Spinner notebook and a pen.
Stick your hands up! It's Doctor Who Adventures!

How much did you love A Town Called Mercy? We loved it so much that we've been wearing cowboy hats in the DWA offices all week! This week's issue features a pull-out guide, so get ready for data overload. We even take a look at the next awesome episode - The Power of Three!

This issue is packed with alien adventures. Check out our monster texts, have a go at our tricky puzzles and take a look at the super-cool, but super-scary Cyberman concept art in our behind-the-scenes feature.

Your fave mag comes with a Vortex Spinner notebook and a brill pen!*

*Please do not spin your Vortex Spinner too fast, as you may be sucked through time and space and then have to escape an army of Daleks and a handful of angry Sontarans. And an alien that smells like turnips and trumps. His name is Dave.
Issue 287 of Doctor Who Adventures is out in the UK from 20 September.