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9/08/2012 07:27:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

With just a few minutes to go before Dinosaurs on a Spaceship premieres on BBC1, here's a quick roundup of the videos released online to promote the episode over the course of the last week:

That Robot and Robot Look ...

In addition the BBC announced two additional cast members today, comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb, who will provide the voice of the two robots in the episode - the former of which keen listeners recognised in the trailer!

Executive producer Caroline Skinner said: "We were thrilled to have David Mitchell and Robert Webb on board. It's a huge adventure, a real no-holds-barred belter of an episode and having them voice these two incredible-looking robots was just perfect. It makes them funny and chilling and… But I can’t say too much now except we’re all delighted with the episode!"