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8/26/2012 06:20:00 pm - Reported by John Bowman

With just under a week to go to the Power: Reimagined convention in Fareham and with the event date unfortunately clashing with Asylum of the Daleks, attendees - and potential attendees - will be relieved to know that they won't miss out on seeing the Series 7 opening episode.

The convention is being held on Saturday 1st September to celebrate the fan film Power of the Daleks, based on Patrick Troughton's inaugural story as the Doctor, and the event was, of course, arranged long before the BBC decided when to show Asylum of the Daleks.

The convention organisers won't be screening the episode but event attendee Jeremy Bentham has - independently and with the organisers' blessing - found a nearby pub with two 53-inch plasma screens on which the manager has said he is happy to show Doctor Who that evening.

The pub is The Lord Arthur Lee, in West Street, Fareham, which is just a short walk away from where the convention is being held, at Ferneham Hall in Osborn Road.

Please note that the screening of the episode is not connected with the convention, nor is it a launch party as held by Bentham in London in the past, so there is not exclusive use of the pub. It is simply an informal arrangement to ensure that those attending the convention who also want to see the episode "live" that evening can do so.

The first two parts of the fan film, which stars Nick Scovell as the Doctor and features Lisa Bowerman, Nicholas Briggs, and Barnaby Edwards in the cast, have been released via YouTube, with the third and final part due to be webcast at some point next month. The charity convention will see the first showing of the fan reimagining in full on the big screen and in high definition.

Guests at the convention will include Christopher Barry, who directed the original story, and Anneke Wills, who played companion Polly in the six-part adventure. Michael Troughton - son of Patrick and younger brother of David - was also to have been a guest but has had to pull out, citing personal reasons and commitments, say the organisers.

Money raised by the convention will go to Children In Need and Cancer Research UK.