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5/20/2012 11:39:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The Finished Product - Issue Nine

The latest issue of the unofficial Big Finish fanzine, The Finished Product, has now been released, with a cover by Vworp Vworp's Colin Brockhurst.
Issue nine concentrates on the second run of adventures for the Doctor and Charley, from Invaders From Mars to Neverland, plus the 40th anniversary special Zagreus.

The magazine has exclusive interviews with the producers, directors, writers and actors who appeared in this much-loved run of stories. Plus, Mark Gatiss looks back on Invaders From Mars 10 years after its release, Justin Richards reconciles The Time of the Daleks with The Shakespeare Code, and there's the full story on how THAT voice appeared in Zagreus.

Issue 10, due out next month, will feature the Divergent Universe series, from Scherzo to The Next Life. Purchasers have the chance to enter a charity raffle to support Pancreatic Cancer Scotland to win a signed copy of the part one script for The Natural History of Fear!

Contact for more information.


A new geek based sitcom, Fanz has been released on audio CD from ComedyPunkz.

Before "Big Bang Theory", before "Outland", at the same sort of time as "Spaced" and before any other geek based comedy you can think of after 1999, Fanz, the original and best geek sitcom returns with the first episode in a brand new series, Fanz 1.1 Episode 3.

Johnathan, Tom, Cindy, Graham, Kate and Kris. Collectively known as Fanz, they are a Dr Who, sci-fi fan group. Cool, progressive, sophisticated, calm and collected - these are just some of the things they wish they were. This is their story.....

The town is rocked by a mysterious boat rocking epidemic as rejects from the Portuguese police force roam the streets, brutally failing to arrest anybody. But worse than that – the brewery has decided to shut down Fanz’s pub. . .and even a stiff letter of mild complaint won’t change their mind. But Graham has an idea that can fix everything.

NB: (This is an adult comedy and contains strong language and general naughtiness from the start)
To accompany the release of this story, ComedyPunkz are running two competitions, one each on Twitter and Facebook. See website for details.


The short fan-film Possibilities, which was mentioned in the Doctor Who Fanz documentary, is to be shown at Phoenix Comicon this coming memorial day weekend. The film will be shown as part of the fan-film presentation between 10.30 and 1.30 on the Friday of the event.

The 15-minute film was filmed at familiar locations around London in late summer 2004 and is a collaborative effort featuring the students from Realtime Pictures Megeve Experiment and directed by award-winner Neil Oseman, also principal photographer on Daemos Rising.

The full film has been viewable on YouTube for a while and an accompanying making-of feature is now available.

The Television Movie

The co-executive producer of the 1996 Television Movie Philip Segal has passed on several items from his collection to fan Paul Salamoff, the owner of the 1996 TARDIS console. Salamoff was part of the team behind the recent restoration of the Paul McGann TARDIS which was visited by Segal at the Gallifrey One Convention in February.

Items passed on include the Doctor’s bag (with props), an original sonic screwdriver prop, one of the staffs from the Eye of Harmony and a stunningly beautiful Doctor Who chess set made in 1993 by the Danbury Mint.