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3/06/2012 05:21:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

David Tennant is starring in a new play for BBC Radio 4; set in 1610, Waiting for the Boatman sees Tennant's character Mario Minniti go to Naples in search of his former master, the infamous painter Caravaggio. The play will be broadcast on 15th March at 2:15pm. [BBC Media Centre]

Talking about his new role as the voice of Twigs in Tree Fu Tom, he said: "I could never have imagined that a programme like this could be used in this way to help combat dyspraxia. It will be fascinating to see if it does have a positive effect. The children will certainly have a good time trying! I don't think I’ve ever done anything for this age of child before. Television more than any other medium influenced me as a child and formed my response to literature, storytelling and, therefore, the world around me. Generally speaking we don't have vivid memories of that age and what influenced us, yet clearly these are hugely formative years and it's really important that we can create television of a high quality for that audience." [Radio Times, 5 Mar 2012]

John Barrowman reveals the best meal of his life: "That perfect meal, and the finest thing I have ever tasted is lobster, with a caviar truffle filling – incredible textures, endless flavours, and usually served in a setting befitting such elegant tastes." [Yahoo/LoveFood, 1 Mar 2012]

Freema Agyeman is to join the cast of the Sex in the City prequel show, The Carrie Diaries, based on the book by Candace Bushnell; she will be playing the role of Carrie's friend Larissa, described as a hip, cutting-edge editor and party girl working Interview Magazine, where young Carrie works. [Press Association, 6 Mar 2012]

Bonnie Langford says her character of Mel would be more rounded if she returned to Doctor Who now. When asked, in a Press Association interview, if she would consider reprising the role, she said: "I'd love it because I might get a few lines other than, 'Oh Doctor!' That was what I was always like. Now the companions are rounded characters, which is always so much more fun to play. But I had a good time doing it. I have good memories of the people I worked with. The show used to attract an amazing cast. When you look at all the notable people who've been guests on that programme over the years, it's quite extraordinary. It's a legend, a national treasure." [Press Association, 4 Mar 2012]

Gareth David Lloyd talks about whether he'd want his Torchwood character Ianto to appear in Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary: "It would depend on the script, but yes I think so. Ianto is very close to my heart and will always deserve a little resurrection if done properly." [Cultbox, 29 Feb 2012]

John de Lancie will appear in the CW Network series The Secret Circle. He will be playing the part of an elder, Royce Armstrong, who will reveal conspiracy theories relating to the past, and will be seen from episode nineteen. [TV Guide, 1 Mar 2012]

Yasmin Paige is currently appearing as Beth in the new BBC3 teenage sitcom Pramface.

Charles Cowper returned to the college where he learned his trade in order to give advice on entering the industry. Speaking at Cirencester College, the cameraman - who as well as having worked on Doctor Who has also been involved with other BBC shows likeSherlock, Casualty and Being Human - said: "I owe a huge amount to the media course at Cirencester. It allowed me to turn what I enjoyed into something I could use." [Gloucestershire Echo, 29 Feb 2012]

Gareth Roberts talks about fitting his new novel Shada into the old novelisation tradition: "Well yeah, I could have taken the script and done 148 pages – which was his standard for a six-parter – and just rattled through it. But no, it is considerably heftier than that. It’s 400 pages, you know! It’s not so much a Terrance novelisation. It’s much more a novel, in the sense that it’s very much from people’s viewpoints. There is talk that when the paperback comes out we might try and do a limited edition which will fit seamlessly between The Horns Of Nimon and The Leisure Hive on your shelf of Target books. This is what I’ve been pushing for because I know what fans are like – I know what I'm like – so hopefully that will materialise in the not-too-distant future." [Full Interview and review via Ian Berriman/SFX, 6 Mar 2012]

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