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4/01/2012 02:27:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Filming Update:

Filming continued on the series yesterday with work progressing in studio with the Dalek opener, generating banter between Steven Moffat and Arthur Darvill on Twitter. SM:"After extensive deliberation, THE DOCTOR HAS SPOKEN. Matt Smith likes the sixties Dalek best.«" - SM:"This just in: Amy Pond concurs. The Last Centurian has yet to speak.«" - AD:"I could tweet several incriminating pictures of my favourites but I feel they may be. . . How do you say? . . . Spoilers?«". Moffat then released a photo illustrating the object of their discussion ...

John Sheppard, part of the FX crew, also commented on proceedings: "Job Saturday, watching Dr Who's Daleks explode at the Dr Who studios Wales. Working with Real SFX.« Call time confirmed 08.00 at the Dr Who studios, for Dalek explosions. Looking forward to this one, big fan of the Daleks.« Dr Who set looking good, plenty of Dalek mayhem, Dalek FX explosion went very well, just.« Working late on Dr Who tonight, it was interesting to see all original Daleks since 1960 in one episode.« The gun area of the Dalek just missed me, whilst it flew past burning!«"

Sheppard also said: "Made it onto Dr Who Confidential, SFX and me talking about the Dalek explosion. Which really did go Boooooom!!«"; he later corrected himself, saying: "just a small correction, Confidential was cancelled, I'm led to believe, but it's the same people who continue to film.«" - this last comment lends credence to a recent article in The Star in which it stated that there would be an online version of the behind-the-scenes show this series.

Media Coverage:

Jenna-Louise Coleman visited the Doctor Who studios last week, and said: "There were scenes built from all around the world. So I’m looking forward to going on all these big adventures. I think Ancient Rome would be great – to play Cleopatra would be good fun. Hopefully it'll happen. There’s no limit to what they do with the stories and where in time we can go. I'm excited to see where we go time travel-wise.". Talking about her future co-star, Matt Smith, she said: He's so full of energy which is infectious. Me joining him will be a new dynamic for the show and we'll be working hard to make that work." [The Star, 1 Apr 2012]

Ben Browder did a Q&A at the Australian OzComicCon Convention, during which he briefly mentioned his role in episode three: "I've just got back from the UK and Spain where I just did an episode of Doctor Who. I got the offer right in the middle of pilot season and my agent goes 'well you know you're going to miss some very big casting' and I went 'it's Doctor Who!' It was a very exciting moment, I got to work with the Doctor, I got to hold his hand. I have seen the inside of the TARDIS. I play a marshall in the 1870s." [full Q&A via YouTube, 31 Mar 2012]