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2/05/2012 11:30:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

David Tennant was amongst the stars gathered together for the annual Ultimate Pub Quiz, a charity event organised by Centrepoint for homeless young people in London. John Raynham, head of fundraising, said: "We can't thank the teams, celebrities and everyone who makes this event possible, enough for all they do. With youth unemployment at over 1 million, things have probably never been tougher for the young people we support. But thanks to our supporters' generosity, we can carry on working with them to achieve the two most important things they need to leave homelessness behind: a job, and a home of their own." [Press Association, 2 Feb 2012]

Eve Myles talks about the highs and lows of being in a cult show: "The high is the response from the fans – there’s no bigger high. I used to be scared of doing signings and going to conventions. Then, when I started to do them, I enjoyed it. Meeting people who are so loyal to the show gives you a massive boost. The lows all stemmed from the fact I was worried people might just see me as the Welsh action girl who plays Gwen Cooper but things like this play [All New People] can change that perception. Torchwood has taken me from Cardiff to London and LA, and I’m eternally grateful to it." [Metro, 2 Feb 2012]

Eve's Torchwood co-star Kai Owen is to appear in As You Like It by Terry Hands at the Mold Clwyd Theatr Cymru. The actor will play court wrestler Charles, and has had to train for scenes with fellow actor Alex Felton (Orlando): "We've been wrestling hard for the last few weeks. Daniel Llewelyn-Williams, the fight director, has been training both myself and Alex, so the moves are getting nice and sleek. I've never wrestled before, other than doing stage combat at drama school. I'm not a fan, though I do follow boxing. Rugby is the closest I get to contact sports. Alex is taller than me and leaner – he's a very good-looking boy! I think there may be some topless scenes. You will have to wait and see what we decide to do!" [Daily Post, 3 Feb 2012]

Arthur Darvill has been announced as the voice of Sam the Penguin in a new animated short film. The project is being funded through donation, with regular updates via Facebook and Twitter. About the film: "Penguin" is the comedic tale of Sam, a young male penguin in the human world. He's just like us, he has a job, friends, and what makes him so similar to the humans is his love troubles. After being rejected by a potential girlfriend for reminding her too much of a "pet", this drives Sam on a journey of self-discovery where he tries to determine whether the dating world really is for him. [Facebook, Bleeding Cool, 2 Feb 2012]

You can also catch Arthur on BBC Radio 4 this afternoon (Sunday 5th) starring as Lemuel Gulliver in a new three-part adaptation of Gulliver's Travels. [BBC Media Centre]

Tom MacRae described the environment created for his interactive event, The Crash of the Elysium, which features as part of the London 2012 Festival in Ipswich: "Once you enter a Punchdrunk show, the laws of physics are switched off until you leave again. There is no stage, no comfy seating, no division between the world of the audience and the world of the show. You are at the heart of the action, you drive the story forward. “No two shows will ever be the same, no individual adventure will ever be repeated. The madness and brilliance of Doctor Who could not find a better theatrical partnership than Punchdrunk." [East Anglian Daily Press, 2 Feb 2012]

Janet Fielding (Tegan) is campaigning on behalf of a project to save Ramsgate's Motorhouse Museum from being auctioned off and potentially demolished. Project Motorhouse aims to redevelop the rundown building as an arthouse cinema and flexible modern theatre space. [Isle of Thanet Gazette, 3 Feb 2012]

Ian McNeice, who has played Winston Churchill in four episodes of Doctor Who, is reprising the role on stage in The King's Speech, which received its theatrical world premiere in Guildford, Surrey. It is there until 11th February and then goes on tour to Nottingham, Bath, Brighton, Richmond and Newcastle. [BBC News, 3 Feb 2012]

As previously reported, a longer interview with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred conducted by Shadowlocked has now been made available on the Minister of Chance website.

Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, Shadowlocked, via YouTube